Mark Zuckerberg invited Chewbacca mum to ride bikes with a real Wookiee at Facebook's HQ

Candace Payne, or “Chewbacca Mum,” is the most watched person on Facebook Live. The video that featured her contagious laugh and joy flowing from behind a plastic Chewbacca mask has earned her star treatment. 

She met James Cordon and 
J.J. Abrams, appeared on Good Morning America, and as of Tuesday afternoon, she visited Facebook and met Mark Zuckerberg.

In a post on his account Tuesday, Zuckerberg explained that he invited Payne to Facebook’s headquarters and had a surprise for her. The pictures from the visit reveal that the surprise was Chewbacca himself — or at least, an actor wearing a Chewbacca costume.

The two hung out for a bit and strolled around the Palo Alto campus. They rode bikes.

And of course, they took a picture in front of the sign at HQ. 

Payne also went live again, this time with the team that created Facebook Live. This video got over one million views at the time of this post, unlike her first video which has currently been watched over 145 million times.

 “These people behind me are the ones that developed Facebook Live, alright now I’m seeing all the love, but here’s the deal, you rarely get to see that there’s actual people here that do an incredible job at what they do,” said Payne. “What’s happening now wouldn’t even be possible without those people.”

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