Remember Last Summer When That Millionaire Rented A Hamptons Mansion Because She Wanted "To Date A Banker?"

Remember Cheryl Mercuris?

You think you don’t, but you do: she’s the Florida marketing millionaire whose phone rang off the hook when the New York Post ran a story about her renting a $500,000 house in the Hamptons to land a banker hubby.

And apparently, she’s returning again this year.

According to the Post, Mercuris is “returning to the Hamptons this summer… to the same 14-bed Bridgehampton estate, Sandcastle, this time for a month.”

Since we met her last year Mercuris moved to New York from Florida, but she’s still single.

She told the Post,”I have rented the same house for the whole month of July and am looking forward to it.”

Last year Mercuris said that the dating scene in New York was far superior to the scene in Florida and the men were better here too. After the post ran the story last year, she was bombarded by text messages, emails, and Facebook friend requests from corporate suitors including an investment banker and a broker.

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