Fox’s “X Factor” Fires Judge Cheryl Cole Because Americans Can’t Understand What She’s Saying

cheryl cole

The Fox import “X Factor” (from Simon Cowell) won’t be on the air until the fall, but already one judge has lost her job.

Cheryl Cole, the UK pop star, has been booted from the panel already, and will be replaced by singer Nicole Scherzinger, who was slated to host the competition.

Apparently, Fox execs weren’t thrilled with the original panel’s chemistry.

But the rumours seeping out suggest that what the move really boils down to is Cole’s thick British accent.

Fox and the show’s producers reportedly worried American audiences wouldn’t be able to understand what Cole was saying.

Don’t be surprised if this is just the latest in a string of casting stunts surrounding the show — after all, they’ve got three long months to fill before there’s an actual competition to talk about.

But if Cole truly is that indecipherable, maybe it’s for the best — after all, as “Saturday Night Live” recently pointed out, English movies give us more than enough trouble in that department.

Video below.