Liz Cheney says Kevin McCarthy is ‘clearly trying to cover up what happened’ at the Capitol riot after he refused to work with investigators

Liz Cheney Kevin McCarthy
Rep. Liz Cheney speaks during a news conference with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images
  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy refused to cooperate with Capitol-riot investigators.
  • Liz Cheney, who is on the committee, said he was trying to “cover up” what happened at the riot.
  • McCarthy called the committee “illegitimate” and said it was trying to hurt Republicans.

Rep. Liz Cheney said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was trying to “cover up” what happened at the Capitol riot by refusing to work with the House committee investigating it.

Cheney, one of two Republicans on the committee, told CNN on Wednesday: “I wish that he were a brave and honorable man. He’s clearly trying to cover up what happened. He has an obligation to come forward and we’ll get to the truth.”

She also refused to rule out the option of subpoenaing him, CNN reported.

McCarthy had said in a statement earlier on Wednesday that he would not work with the committee. He called it “illegitimate,” and accused it of trying to damage Republicans.

“As a representative and the leader of the minority party, it is with neither regret nor satisfaction that I have concluded to not participate with this select committee’s abuse of power that stains this institution today and will harm it going forward,” he said.

His statement came after the committee asked him to take part voluntarily, noting that he had previously said that he spoke with then-President Donald Trump while the riot was unfolding, and that he spoke about Trump’s role on the House floor after the insurrection.

McCarthy said in that speech that Trump bore “responsibility” for the riot, though he has since downplayed it and said people need to move on from the attack.

Cheney has repeatedly criticized Trump over the riot, in stark contrast to other Republicans. She was the third-most senior House Republican before her party removed her from leadership over her comments on Trump.