This teen Victoria's Secret model is rumoured to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for many things — his heavily anticipated Oscar acquisition, his rowdy partying habits, and his string of girlfriends.

His latest rumoured girlfriend is a 19-year-old commercial model, according to Page Six.

Chelsey Weimar has modelled for Victoria’s Secret’s younger sister brand, PINK, Page Six has pointed out.

Here’s a look at her life, via her Instagram.

Weimar is a PINK model.

She posts behind-the-scenes photos during shoots.

Here's a selfie she took during a shoot a few weeks ago.

Being a PINK model is a good gig. Those who get to walk the runway for the Fashion Show often end up becoming Angels -- look no further than Taylor Hill and Josephine Skriver as examples.

She's also modelled for Gap Fit.

An insider told Page Six that she went to the famed Nobu in Malibu with DiCaprio, and that she was taking photos from his house.

Source: Page Six

Unsurprisingly, she works out.

She does ballet.

And she eats relatively well...

...and drinks green smoothies.

However, someone close to DiCaprio told Page Six that it just a rumour -- they're not an official item.

Gossip Cop also said that they're not dating.

Source: Page Six

With or without DiCaprio, she could have an impressive career trajectory ahead of her. It's no small feat to model for Victoria's Secret.

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