HOUSE OF THE DAY: Buy An Incredible Chelsea Townhouse With A Pool In The Living Room For $11 Million


Photo: Courtesy of CORE/easylocum via flickr

This townhouse, located in New York City’s Chelsea neighbourhood, was nicknamed “House of the Millennium,” on a NY1 news segment back in 2008 because of its unique features. And now it’s back on the market for $10.995 million.The 4,650 square feet townhouse has its own swimming pool, a sauna, private roof deck, and a greenhouse. The pool is eight feet deep and located in one of the home’s living rooms.

On top of all the cool features, the townhouse has six bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The exterior, a seemingly normal NYC townhouse

But alas, there's an indoor pool

The rest of the place is pretty normal

Your run of the mill sitting area in front of a fire

The master bedroom, also very normal

Another awesome amenity, your very own greenhouse

Another seating area in front of another fireplace

Will pools in the middle of the living room become the next design trend?

There's also the awesome Forbes townhouse in Greenwich Village:

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