The Chelsea estate agent who sold his Porsche for £20 is now selling his Jaguar for the same price -- but there's a catch

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  • The Chelsea estate agent who sold his Porsche for just £20 last year is now raffling off his Jaguar for the same price.
  • There are 2,250 tickets available, and the winner will be chosen through a live Instagram draw.
  • However, this time they will also have to play a game of “Where’s Wally” to bag the car.

A Chelsea estate agent made headlines in August when he decided to raffle off his Porsche Cayman for just £20 a ticket.

Ed Bezzant, who shares photos of his extravagant London lifestyle full of expensive cars, clothes, watches, travels, and parties as @edbezzant on Instagram, came up with the raffle as a way to make some extra cash.

By selling 2,500 tickets, he would have made £50,000, more than the recommended retail price of a brand new 718 Cayman (£42,897), the latest edition of the car.

And he certainly came close, selling 2,296 tickets and making enough money to plan what he called his fiancée’s “perfect wedding.”

Now, he’s at it again – but this time it’s his Jaguar that’s up for grabs.

Bezzant told Business Insider that the car – a 64 plate White Jag F Type which has driven 22,000 miles – has “all the trimmings to go with it,” including a panoramic roof, a sat nav, and a “black back for grills and vents.”

New versions of the latest model can sell for more than £50,000.

There are 2,250 tickets available, and the winner will once again be chosen from a box of names live on Instagram.

“A lovely girl called Chloe Issacs won the car [last time],” Bezzant told Business Insider, adding that he’ll hand deliver the car to the winner if they live in the UK.

“It was so much fun and everyone really enjoyed it last time, and I kept getting messages asking me to do it with my Jag, but didn’t want to sell it,” he said. Then, he and his fiance found out they were expecting their first baby.
“I realised two seats with a baby wouldn’t work so I needed to sell and get something more practical, so decided to make a competition to win the car again as a way of selling it,” he said.

“I did the last one to pay towards our wedding, which we have now had to move to May instead of July because of the little one, so hopefully this goes well and I will be prepared.”

And if he sells all the tickets, he could stand to make £45,000 – which would certainly be helpful for some high-end baby shopping.
The contest is slightly more complicated this time, though. Along with paying £20 – plus a £1.55 fee – through Eventbrite to enter, Bezzant said he will email the winner a “Where’s Wally” picture, FaceTime them, and give them 60 seconds to find Wally in the photo.

“If the time expires without finding him, a new winner will be drawn until someone finds Wally,” he said. “This is a test of skill under some time pressure, so it’s a competition rather than a raffle.”

As far as what he’ll do if he doesn’t sell the full 2,250 tickets, Bezzant said: “Eventbrite allows me to refund it all if I need to, but there is no time restraint on the competition, so I will pull a winner once the minimum figure is sold.”

If you want to take a closer look, Bezzant frequently posts pictures of the Jaguar…
…And once it’s gone, he appears to have a number of other luxurious cars at his disposal.

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