Chelsea Clinton Explains Why She's 'Obsessed With Diarrhoea'

Things got really real when Chelsea Clinton participated in a question-and-answer session at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday.

ABC News reported the former first daughter began by asking the moderator if she could discuss diarrhoea.

“I’m obsessed with diarrhoea,” Clinton said.

Clinton went on to explain her interest in diarrhoea stems from its effects in countries that do not have clean water.

“I find the fact that more than 750,000 children still die every year around the world because of severe dehydration due to diarrhoea unacceptable,” she said.

Speaking of diarrhoea, Clinton also discussed her fondness for breakfast tacos. She said she “loves” them, ideally with eggs, jalapenos, and peppers.

Clinton also talked about her high-powered parents. She said she “taught” President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “how to text” and “how to charge their phones.”

As far as her own political ambitions, Clinton said she was unsure whether she would ever run for office.

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