Cheika Earns His First Win For The Wallabies, Beating The Barbarians 40-36

Matt Hodgson makes an attempt for a try but is disallowed during the Killick Cup match between the Barbarians and the Wallabies.

Michael Cheika has earned his first stripes as head coach for the Wallabies after leading the team to victory in London last night, beating the Barbarians 40-36.

The Barbarian’s strong attack early showed some flaws in the Wallabies new defence tactics but Cheika said the new style is still being perfected.

“Our defence is probably the part of our game I want to improve the most … it’s a new system so you’ll have that slight hesitation but hopefully we’re a bit more aggressive next week.”

Despite the win, Cheika said it’s going to take more than one good game to turn things around for the team.

“The win helps, but the issue is about the players and the team taking the initiative and changing people’s [perception], get them enjoying the game again,” he said.

The Wallabies continue their European tour, going head to head against Wales in Cardiff this weekend.

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