Cheick Kongo Knocks Out Pat Barry In Spectacular UFC Finish (Video)

If you missed Cheick Kongo knocking out Pat Barry live on UFC on Versus 4, you missed one of the greatest finishes in UFC history. Watch the fight video and don’t blink, because you may miss the entire thing.

How could the UFC get everyone’s minds off of Nate Marquardt on Monday morning and back on the live event Sunday that aired on Versus? Well that’s easy, deliver a finish like the knockout in the Kongo vs. Barry fight on Sunday night. Say what you will about the Marquardy fiasco, but I don’t think you would have gotten even close to as exciting of a finish to the broadcast if not for the lineup change.

This was an unbelievable fight that only lasted a little over two minutes. The heavyweight collision saw Pat Barry rock Cheick Kongo early and nearly finish the fight. Barry dropped Kongo and swarmed in with an onslaught of punches. Kongo somehow managed to get up but was dropped again. Kongo then out of nowhere nails Barry (who had his arms down) with a punch and an uppercut and knows Barry out cold for the win at 2:39 of the first round. The visual of this action must be seen to be believed.

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