How Chegg Is Becoming The Operating System Of The College Experience

Every student knows that the cost of education doesn’t stop with paying the tuition bill. Textbooks are another big expense that can run up to several hundred dollars per class.

Chegg is a textbook rental company that is revolutionizing the way students budget for book assignments, do homework and even plan their study schedule.

The company is only four years old but its services are already available on about 8,000 campuses and it processes millions of orders a year.

Chegg is constantly developing student services online such as Q&A homework help site Student Of Fortune and class notes marketplace Notehall — both started by students who built these platforms to resolve issues they faced in the education system.

Company CEO Dan Rosensweig talks about how Chegg is making the education experience more efficient, affordable and sustainable by making a traditional hard-copy market — of going to the bookstore, borrowing notes, and attending study groups — digital. He gives an inside look at Chegg’s operations — from storing and shipping textbooks to the logistics of renting digital books.

Watch the exclusive interview below.

[Editor’s note: This interview was taped before Netflix reversed its spinoff business Qwikster.]

Produced by Kamelia Angelova, Robert Libetti & Dan Goodman

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