Oceanfront Villas In Greece Are Actually Much Cheaper Than We realised


Photo: Engel & Völkers

This weekend we wrote about the new trend of Northern Europeans buying villas in beaten-down Greece.That this would happen has been anticipated for a while: Greece is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the economic collapse has forced a massive liquidation of assets.

Some had anticipated that the buying rush wouldn’t begin until Greece went Drachma, but a combination of low prices and optimism that the worst won’t fall out of the economy has started the rush now.

Realtors say their phones are ringing off the hook in a way that they weren’t in 2011.

We posted a bunch of Greek villa pictures from one prominent luxury broker, but actually several of the properties there are cheaper than we realised. You don’t have to spend anywhere close to a million bucks. You can seriously pick up ocean-front property with a pool for just a few hundred thousand dollars.

For just $345,000 you can get this 1,184.03 square foot house in Lindos, right on the Aegean.

The architecture is beautiful

And there's a 32 square meter infinity pool!

Sadly, this home in Lindos was just sold for $306,624

It's got rustic interior architecture

And it has 1,130.21 square feet of space

And if the pool weren't awesome enough...

Check out the beautiful rock hills right behind you.

This one is a little more expensive at $447,160

But it's got a hge pool, and the house is 1,582.29 square feet

And the lot is over 6000 square feet.

The view out the living room isn't bad.

And we wouldn't mind that to be our bedroom.

This beaut on the Island of Lahania just sold for over $500,000

The grounds are 10,763.91 and they're fantastic!

Really, this looks like a great lawn in your backyard

You just have a few neighbours

The kitchen is tiled and spacious

And the view from indoors is not shabby.

And how would you like this to be your frontyard? It could be for $702,680

If it were your front yard, you could sit in one of these two chairs.

The living rom looks nice.

You would be just steps from the sea

And if you were too lazy to go the sea, just stay in and use the hot tub.

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