How To Tell If Others Can See Your Private Photos And Posts On Facebook

As we previously reported, Facebook will soon get rid of a privacy setting that blocks people from finding you on Facebook.

You won’t be able to stop people from seeing that you have a Facebook account, but there are still ways to keep your status updates, photos and stuff from being seen by anyone but your friends.

There’s also a fairly easy to way to see what others on Facebook can see about you.

First of all, make sure that you’ve set up Facebook so that, by default, the things you post are only seen by your friends and not the whole world. (Or, if you want to be even more careful, set it up so that, by default, the stuff you post can only be seen by you.)

Do that by clicking on the little lock in the upper corner of your profile. That gives you a menu of “privacy shortcuts.”

The same lock can also be found on your Timeline page. Then, click on “Who can see my stuff” and “Who can see my future posts” and set that the “Friends” or “Only Me.”

Now, click on “Use Activity Log.”

Next, hover your mouse over the little icon next to each post. Some of them look round. Some of them look like people. This will tell you who can see it.

If you are uncomfortable with who can see this information in their news streams, click on the “People” icon to change who can view it. Also click on the “pencil” icon. This will let you hide or delete the post from your own Timeline page.

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