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Let’s face it. Weather apps are important. Knowing when it is going to rain and how hot or cold it is outside is essential to…life.So when we run across an awesome weather app we always get excited.

That’s what happened today when we ran across Check The Weather. The minimal app is so easy to use and it looks great. We can definitely see this app gaining a coveted position on our home screen.

One of the apps best features is that it integrates one of our other favourite weather apps, Dark Sky. This means that Check the weather can tell you down to the minute when it will rain.

Check The Weather is available for iPhone and costs $1.99.

Tap to open. Check the weather has a pretty icon.

Of course the app needs your location, tap OK to allow it.

Check the weather is all about gestures. Swiping up, down, left, and right all reveal different aspects of the weather.

Swiping right reveals hourly temp and chance of precipitation.

Swiping left gives an extended forecast.

And up reveals the radar and map.

Here is the app in action. We love the design and the graph in the middle of the page. The opening screen gives us everything we need at a glance.

You can add as many locations as you like.

Swiping to the right revealed a lot about coming days. Check the weather provided much more detail than the stock weather app and even our favourite, Dark Sky.

The radar was empty for us here in New York. Clear skies!

Sunset time is built in too, but our favourite feature is the Dark Sky integration. For a cheaper price, we can stay on top of when it will rain or snow. Overall we think that Check The Weather is worth a try, the app is simple and looks great.

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