What If Geocities Had Taken Over The Internet?

If you made your own web site in the 1990s, there’s a good chance you used Geocities.

Back in the day, Geocities was “da bomb.” You could customise your OWN personal webpage with all sorts of bright backgrounds and moving images.

Yahoo acquired the web hosting service in 1999 only to shut it down a decade later (with the exception of a Japanese site).

That means no one can create a sweet Geocities webpage anymore unless you’re literate in Japanese.

But what if…[cue the Twilight Zone theme]…Geocities had taken over the Internet? A site called Geocities-izer reveals what the World Wide Web would look like today!

Gone is Google's famously clean interface

Twitter gets a whole lot more busy

eBay, a Web 1.0 site, gets a horrible new background

Why use white on Wikipedia when you can JAZZ IT UP?

ESPN loves its unicorns

Yahoo looks natural this way, no?

MySpace doesn't look that different, does it?

Why CNN, why?

New York Times -- all the news that's fit to burn your retinas

Geocities is back! (Sort of)

AOL needs more rectangles

Geocities looks good on YouTube

Amazon won't sell anybody a Kindle this way

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