IT'S REAL: Check Out What It's Like Using Google's Crazy Computerized Glasses

Google glasses

Photo: Google

Google just released a design concept for its “Google Glasses” called Project Glass.It’s a frame you wear that has a small screen in the corner of your vision.

Google displays a number of things on that screen that are just inside your peripheral vision.

It looks like the glasses are powered by speech. If you want to check into a location on Google+, you just tell the glasses to do that.

Project Glass comes from Google’s ultra-secret X Labs team, which is responsible for fringe projects like the self-driving car and other weird projects.

So far, it looks really cool. And it’s only one lens on the side of the frame, so it won’t get in the way.

Here's what the glasses look like from the side.

Here's what it looks like when you boot them up.

These icons show what you'll be able to do with the glasses.

You'll see reminders in the corner of your vision.

When you look up, you can scroll through notifications.

The icons open up to reveal more information.

Notifications appear just in the corner of your vision.

The notifications open up when you want to interact with them.

Reply by telling the glasses you want to reply.

It'll then record everything you say.

You'll get live updates for things happening on your trip.

It'll integrate with Google Maps too.

This is what the route planner looks like.

You'll get turn-by-turn directions on the top right.

You can set reminders by telling the glasses to do so.

You'll also be able to find people nearby.

You can check in using the glasses too — just tell it to do so.

And you can take photos.

There's video chat on the glasses, too.

The other caller will show up at the bottom of your screen and you can share everything you see with them.

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