Check out this stunning Australian cloud phenomenon that has conspiracy theorists going crazy

Photo: Virgin Australia via @theonlyilya on Instagram/ Facebook.

Australian Instagram user Ilya Katsman, 22, from Adelaide has captured a rare cloud phenomenon while flying over the Great Australian Bight.

“The most unique cloud formation I have seen to date on route from Perth to Adelaide somewhere over The Great Australian Bite,” he wrote.

See the post, which has attracted 112 likes, here.

The photo was picked up by Virgin Australia and shared on its Facebook page, with the caption: “Flying above the clouds has never looked this good!

“These amazing cloud formations were captured on board VA714 from Perth to Adelaide recently.”

It has attracted 532 comments and 926 shares.

But engagement isn’t the only thing the photos are attracting.

Conspiracy theorist have jumped on the post saying that it is proof of chemtrails or geo engineering.

The chemtrail conspiracy theory is the belief that the white trails left in the sky behind an aircraft consist of chemical agents deliberately sprayed to brainwash or sicken the general public.

Whereas the geoengineering conspiracy theory is the belief that the spray is a large-scale intervention aiming to reduce adverse climate change.

Ashley Adams says: “I see no clouds only chemtrails, nice example of geo engineering. Shocking how people can still believe chemtrails is just a conspiracy theory, this is real. Look up!!”

Deb Lanyon says: “I am astounded that you are so blatantly showing your involvment and support of Chemtrails. Deliberately dumbing down and poisoning people and this beautiful planet. And then the icing on the cake, trying to use your blatant disregard for life as a pretty marketing campaign. Shame on you Virgin. Richard Branson I am sad to see I was wrong, I thought you were more enlightened than this!”

And from Laydee Lisa:

“You have got to be joking me! This reminds me of the 1950’s when 9 out of 10 doctors recommended lucky strike cigarettes. Passing geo engineering off as natural cloud formations is disgusting. I’ll never ever fly virgin and will make sure I encourage others not too either. Branson must be making a truck load out of big pharma to stoop this low.”

They’re wrong, of course. It is a natural Australian phenomenon called “morning glory” clouds.

“We see morning glory clouds similar to this in the Gulf of Carpentaria every spring. First reported by a ships captain in the 1870’s. How would the chemtrail lobby explain that. Loaded seagulls, perhaps,” wrote Tex Battle.

Guy Herrington said: “These are morning glories (arcus or roll clouds) and have been documented for a long time. Only a few places in the world where they form NATURALLY… And one is in Northeastern Australia… I’ve had friends fly there hang gliders on them before.”

The Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland is typically home to the morning glory cloud.

The long rolling clouds, usually seen in spring, occur when the ocean temperature is generally cool but the land temperature is warm. And yes, it’s a bucket list item for hang gliders:

See more cool natural phenomena found in Australia here.

While everyone enjoys listening to a good conspiracy theory, a team of scientists recently debunked the one about the government controlling minds through chemtrails.

See the explanation here.

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