Check Out This Awesome Cover For The 'Halo 4' Art Book

Expect many stunning images like this.

A couple of months ago Titan Books and 343 Industries announced they would release an art book detailing the gorgeous scenery in the upcoming game “Halo 4.” Titled “Awakening: The Art of Halo 4” this deluxe hardcover art book provides stunning imagery from the latest in the “Halo” series.Laura Price, senior commissioning editor, told fans in a press release that “‘Halo’ art is simply stunning and ‘Halo 4’ has some of the most powerful and beautiful concept art she’s ever seen. ‘Halo is the godfather of gaming and we’re delighted to be involved with the new release.”

The book will feature 192 pages of detailed concept art, depicting vehicles, characters, weaponry, and environment from “Halo 4.”

The book will hit stores November 2 for a price of $29.95, just days before the November 6 release of “Halo 4.” 

Check out the full cover below.


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