Check Out This Amazingly Complicated Snapchat Art

Riding the subway to work can be incredibly boring.

Some people pass the time by reading, listening to music, or playing Candy Crush Saga.

But James McKenna likes to spend his commute doing arguably far more fun activities.

“Instead of doing something productive on the way to work, like reading a book, I take pictures of commuters and draw on them,” McKenna wrote on his blog, Tastefully Offensive.

Receptionists on the train can be the worst.

'Sweet bird brah.'

Here's the unofficial Snapchat rollercoaster.

Looks like Santa is already exhausted by Christmas.

Ain't nothing wrong with playing a little piano on the subway.

Don't worry Q train riders, you're in the presence of an angel.

Whoo! It's time to turn this ride into a party!

Apparently, this guy is not down to party. Well, at least not like that MC Hammer wannabe.

While you're at it, might as well make a few bucks.

Talk about terrifying.

Hey now, clowns can be professional, too!

This guy loves to draw on his selfies.

This guy sent a picture of himself with Zelda's iconic mask to ask his cousin to play with him.

What a cool cat.

Argh, matey!


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