Check Out These Crazy Potato Chip flavours That Are Popular In China

Photo: Gunaxin Grub

In the Western world, we all have our favourite things. favourite beer, favourite TV shows, favourite flavour of ice cream. We get used to these things. They become the comforts of our lives. We even have our favourite flavour of  potato chip, right?What happens though, when we leave the comforts of our world to go live in a completely strange and unusual land where our favourite things are thousands of miles away?

There’s not much you can do except find new favourites. If you are considering becoming an expat in China, it may make you happy to know that China has an abundance of Lay’s Potato Chips.

But before you get too excited, you need to know that the flavours in China are completely different from those of the western world. Here, to make your transition to The Mysterious Orient that much easier, are the Top 10 flavours of Lay’s Potato Chips in China.

This post originally appeared at Gunaxin Grub.

Fried Chicken


Imagine the taste of a cucumber. Pretty good, right? Refreshing? Cucumber slices are a great, healthy snack. In a salad, they can not be beat. They even taste good lightly flavoring water, ala a lemon. But as a flavour of potato chip? Uhm… no.

Mexican Tomato Chicken

Here we go with chicken flavored potato chips again. There are some things that you naturally expect to taste like chicken, like, oh say… chicken. Chicken tasting like chicken on its own is great. Why force the flavour onto food products where it doesn't belong? Seriously, are there even any chicken recipes that include potatoes? Why ruin the integrity of either product this way?

The saving grace of this potato chip however, is the accompanying tomato taste. It gives it a nice little added zest that the French Chicken flavour so woefully lacked. Take that, France!


Lemon Tea

There is absolutely no reason to make a potato chip flavored with one of America's favourite cool, refreshing beverages : lemon tea. But hey, why not? This is a very tasty and mellow chip.

A light taste of lemon accented with a light taste of what seems to be Lipton Tea, mixed with the starchy goodness of a potato chip; it may sound a little unusual, but it's really good.

Hout and Sour Fish Soup

Say you like the flavour of hot and sour fish soup, but you don't feel like actually eating a bowl of hot and sour fish soup, and at the same time, you are craving potato chips. No worries! This chip has you covered.

Seriously, these chips are tasty. If there was a national taste of China, it would be Hot and Sour Fish Soup flavored potato chips from Lays. Yum!

Little Tomato

Italian Red Meat

Numb and Spicy Hot Pot

Perfect in its simplicity. A potato chip flavored with salt. What else does it need? American Classic indeed.

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