25 Stunning Stills From Video Games


Photo: Courtesy of Duncan Harris

Duncan Harris is a Chippenham, England-based video game journalist, or “video game tourist agent,” as he likes to call himself.He’s also the mastermind behind DeadEndThrills, a website devoted exclusively to capturing awe-inspiring images of live action gameplay of video games.

What makes his photos different from the average screen grab any gamer could take is the painstaking time and effort he puts into each one.

He explains on his FAQ that every image goes through Photoshop just to ensure that all of the “images are as close to the artists’ work as possible.”

While different techniques are used to perfect each image (and are listed below every photo), Harris explains that every photo is “grabbed at 216 op in realtime, using FXAA or similar for antialiasing, and then downscaled…in Photoshop.”

In an interview with Kotaku—the digital hub for gaming news—Harris described his video game journalism philosophy: “I think what it boils down to is that there’s just an awful lot of dumb sh-t in video games, much of it by necessity, underneath and between which is some truly stupendous art.”

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