Check Out These Awful 'Ads' With 'Unnecessary' Quotes


Photo: Unnecessary Quotes

Something about sign writing causes people to use quotes inappropriately.Writers think they’re drawing attention to a word by using quotes liberally. But if you’re a formal English usage maven, it probably drives you nuts.

As a refresher, quotes are used to denote direct words from someone’s mouth, to showcase a word as a word (like using “this” instead of “those”) and to point out that something isn’t real.

So scare-quotes suggest the sign might be lying — as in this handwritten notice for “fresh” guavas from “Mexico.”

We got these “hilarious” examples from the Unnecessary Quotes blog.

Not real bees...

You will have to pay to see a fake Santa.

YOU will love this one.

So, so wrong.

Don't want to know how much they paid for this.

Not so cheap.

Over mis-quoting.

These are not fresh or from Mexico.

Now is a debatable time.

So is everyday.

You pick your price?

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