Check Out These 22 Gorgeous Hacker Workspaces

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Photo: Coderwall

There’s another new favourite site among the hacker community of Silicon Valley and around the world.It’s a site called Coderwall, which came out of Y Combinator’s most recent Winter 2012 startup class.

On the site, hackers around the world leave “pro tips” that help out other programmers during their coding process. They increase their “geek cred” — and, as the site intends, their visibility to tech companies that might be hiring.

This time, though, programmers posted photos of their workspaces.

We reached out to Coderwall to see if we could show a few of them, which we’ve assembled for you. They range from cluttered to zen and minimalist — but they are all pretty excellent.

This hacker space is actually the top floor of a house, which doubles as a bike storage room.

This is quite the minimalist setup — a MacBook Air and a plain mattress.

Here's one with a bit of a more artistic touch — a hacker desk at home with a Moleskine. Classy!

This big setup is actually a standing desk. The streamers are a tradition of decorating desks for coworkers birthdays, this hacker says.

Wings! This desk doesn't have much of a description, but is cool none the less.

Here's another big minimalist setup, again without much of a description. The lighting must be great for focusing.

The screen on the left is used for coding, while the right 27-inch iMac is used for design. Also featured: a block of wood.

This desk has quite the view. A workspace while in Mexico, with a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Seriously, check out that view!

Sometimes, though, all you need is a lap and a MacBook Pro. This guy fell off his bike, and has been recovering with a lap setup.

This hacker is a big fan of the full screen apps on Lion. He swapped out his 24-inch iMac for an 11-inch MacBook pro, and does a lot of work on an iPad with a keyboard. There's also a puzzle under the lamp.

Origami! We think. This is a Mac Mini next to a Dell laptop — a day job desk.

Sometimes it's function over form. Still, if you can keep track of it, a desk like this can work pretty well.

This hacker both draws comics and codes, so she requires quite the setup...

... which includes a chalkboard, a standing desk, and a nice modern touch with organizational cubes. Slick!

A lot of these hacker spaces have a big minimalist vibe to them. This one is just an 11-inch MacBook Air attached to a 27-inch Thunderbolt Display.

There's a lot of MacBook Pros...

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