Check Out The Snazzy Inaugural Issue Of Bloomberg's New High-End Lifestyle Magazine

Bloomberg Pursuits

Photo: Bloomberg Pursuits

Yesterday, Clusterstock’s monthly Bloomberg Markets magazine subscription came with an extra treat—the inaugural issue of the Bloomberg Pursuits magazine. The publication is spun off from Bloomberg Markets, a magazine that goes to every Bloomberg terminal subscriber, and will focus on the lifestyle of the rich and luxury goods.We flipped through the magazine, and it certainly stays on point with feature stories on artistic diamond brooches, rare Picasso pieces and Ferraris. We also found advertisements for Chanel watches and private jets inside. Bloomberg has said it plans to circulate biannual or quarterly issues if the test first run is successful.

Didn’t get a copy? We compiled a sneak peek here, so let us know what you think.

Here's the cover of the first issue.

This isn't surprising, the first ad is for designer watches from fashion house Chanel.

This spread focused on leather goods for men and women. Pretty snazzy.

This is just one of several ads for private jets in the magazine.

The feature story is about a Wall Street executive and his goal to make Ferraris faster. Perhaps a dream only the 1% can have.

There's another spread about renovating and designing a loft in lower Manhattan.

Art collecting is certainly a high-end hobby. This article focuses on the value of rare Picasso art pieces.

Wall Street, pay attention! It's a story on how slim-fitting suits help men with their confidence, from New York to Seoul to London.

More on art—a feature on collector Amir Shariat and how his art collections from emerging markets are going up in value.

This magazine definitely has its luxury goods focus down pat. This story concerned growing demand in China for fine French wine.

A feature near the end about former United Technologies CEO George David, who became stranded at sea after his $15 million yacht capsized.

A spread at the end of the magazine focuses on taking a trip to Laos.

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