Check Out The Amazing NYC Graffiti Mecca That May Be Torn Down And Turned Into High-Rises


Photo: Jonah Einstein

The 5Pointz, an industrial warehouse in Long Island City, Queens, has been called a lot of things: graffiti mecca, museum, a blight, a danger, public art. But now, the most important word associated with the site may be “endangered.”For years, this graffiti haven has welcomed artists from all over the world to leave their bold, colourful tags on its walls. But this year, developer Jerry Wolkoff revealed plans to bulldoze the site and turn it into high-rise apartment buildings, threatening the existence of one of New York’s most impressive cultural landmarks.

Filmmaker Jonah Einstein sent over stunning pictures of 5Pointz, including many of the artists hard at work. You need to obtain a permit with the area’s curator before painting, so no ordinary guy can just come along and throw something up — this is the major leagues of aerosol art.

Here are just a few impressive examples of why the artist community is outraged at losing another piece of New York heritage — this time to the long arm of gentrification.

Perhaps you like your art in a more traditional setting

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