Check Out The Link, Bloomberg's Awesome Setup At The Republican Convention

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TAMPA, FLA. — In an effort to hype up its expanding political coverage, Bloomberg has made its presence known at the Republican National Convention with a hip, pop-up studio and lounge spot modelled after its New York headquarters. 

Dubbed The Bloomberg Link, the Tampa space has played host to numerous panels, invite-only events, and cocktail hours during the convention this week, offering  a place for Washington insiders can mingle away from the hubbub of the convention forum. And this weekend, they plan to pack it all up and start over with the Democrats in Charlotte, N.C.

We dropped by The Link earlier this week to check out the new digs, and we were pretty impressed. For those of you who didn’t make it to Tampa this year, we’ve put together a virtual tour so you can check it out for yourself. 

Even though it's only temporary, Bloomberg Link follows the same design of all of the company's offices

There's even a virtual fish tank!

The space offers a great refuge from the madness of the convention

Throughout the convention, Bloomberg hosted panels on business and policy issues, featuring political and media stars like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New York Times editor Jill Abramson

And The Link is always the best place to find Al Hunt, editor of Bloomberg's Political Capital

Bloomberg employees hard at work at the Link office. The company dispatched more than 90 journalists to cover the conventions this year.

In the mornings, the main lounge has a fully-loaded breakfast buffet

There's also a stocked pantry with tons of healthy snacks — even frozen grapes!

And if you want to freshen up, the bathroom has a full line of Kiehl's products.

Upstairs in the Bloomberg TV studio, there's another breakfast buffet

Bloomberg TV is the only network whose convention studio has a view of Tampa Bay

On the day we visited, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn was in the studio to talk about Hurricane Isaac

Here's Bloomberg TV anchor Trish Regan getting ready for her interview….

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