Check Out How 12 Big Hedge Funds Got Hammered This Month

John Paulson

It’s been a rough month for most investors, and hedge funds that aren’t strictly short are taking a beating.

A new report from Hedge Fund Alert says that May is shaping up to be a “cruel month” for big-name hedge fund managers. Funds like SAC Capital and Paulson & Co. have seen multiple percentage losses for the month after posting solid gains. Factors cited for the losses include the May 6th “fat finger,” Europe’s ongoing sovereign debt crisis, and the fear of a military conflict in Korea.

Eddie Lampert's ESL Investments: Down 15%

Cevian Capital: Down 10% in the first three weeks of May

Credit Suisse Hedging-Griffo Asset Management: Posted losses of 5-6% through May 21st

Izzy Englander's Millenium Management: Flagship fund down 1.5% through May 20th

Paulson & Co: Credit Opportunities Fund fell 2% following a 9.8% gain for the first four months of the year

Paulson has his hands in CIT, gold, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.

Source: Hedge Fund Alert

Steve Cohen's SAC Capital: SAC International Fund lost 2.9% but still up 4% for the year

Shumway Capital: SCP Sakkonet Fund down a whopping 10%

Shumway has stakes in Kraft, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, and Teva.

Source: Hedge Fund Alert

Chris Hohn's TCI Capital Management: Master Fund off 9% following a 2.5% gain in April

Third Point has investments with CIT, Airgas, and Kraft.

Source: Hedge Fund Alert

Viking Capital Management: Global Equities Fund down 4.2% in May; down 3.2% for the year

Viking has its fingers in everything from to AT&T. It also has a stake in Dillards, Dollar General, Corning, Broadcom, Avon, and Freddie Mac.

Source: Hedge Fund Alert

Whitebox Advisors: Concentrated Convertible Arbitrage Fund down 5.9% for the month through May 21st

Whitebox has holdings in Finish Line, Wet Seal, Seneca Foods, Playboy, and American Apparel.

Source: Hedge Fund Alert

Rus Newton's Global Advisors: Global Commodities Systemic Fund down 10.3% the first three weeks of May

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