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Photo: HotelChatter

Eagle eyed and not so eagle eyed readers of HotelChatter will have noticed that we’re tech fans when it comes to hotels.We’re fans of free WiFi, we always like electrical outlets near the bed, and extras like iPads make us more than a little excited.

Hence we were overjoyed when we arrived at the brand new Ravella hotel at Lake Las Vegas, 40 minutes from the Strip, yesterday, to find not only was there free WiFi throughout the hotel (although, to be fair, if you’re staying there, it’s classed as a perk of the resort fee), but also, that they’d actively set up a space in the lobby for people to sit and browse the net.

“Connectivity” is one of the three central tenets of the philosophy of Dolce Resorts, which owns the hotel, and one third of the lobby/lounge area is devoted to that theme. As such, there are two flatscreen TVs on the wall (they’re a decent size now, but they’re going to be replaced with something bigger, apparently) showing CNN and MSNBC with a sofa, several small tables around it, and this, the crowning glory: a table that seats eight with two iPads to share.

But it’s not really the iPads that got our geek juices flowing – it was the secret electrical sockets built into the table top. Yes, under the discreet cover of two candles were what looked like squares cut out of the table surface. Push them, and they pop out (very Indiana Jones) to reveal two electrical sockets on each side – meaning there are four power points for the table. Awesome.

Our sister website VegasChatter reported issues with slow WiFi on opening day, so, since our laptop is always the one that has problems, whatever hotel we’re staying in, we were worried. But, although we only tried it in the lobby, we’re pleased to report it was blazing fast.

Now, if they could only install some more power points to recharge our phones/iPods/iPads at the same time, that’d be ace.

We’ll bring you a full overview of the rooms tomorrow, but for now, we’re wallowing in thoughts of our favourite new workspace.

This post originally appeared on HotelChatter.

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