Check Out The Early Google Offices Through The Eyes Of An 11-Year-Old

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Doug Edwards, Google employee 59, brought his kids Adam and Nathaniel to the office one day in 1999.Adam’s school assignment was to introduce his brother to something new, so for two hours the Edwards family explored Google’s offices entirely on their own.

And they had a video camera.

Meet Adam. His school assignment is to introduce his little brother Nathaniel to something new.

Here's Nathaniel. In light of Adam's assignment they are going to their dad's workplace – Google.

They've arrived at the Google offices in Mountain View, CA.

Welcome to Google, circa 1999!

The first stop is the kitchen, of course. There's a giant bowl of M&Ms...

...and a smaller bowl of peanut M&Ms.

Snacks are here for the taking.

And there are all kinds of cereals for hungry Googlers.

There are big inflatable balls rolling around the hallway.

But they don't compare to the even larger ones seen here.

Adam rolls a giant ball after Nathaniel like something out of Indiana Jones.

An electric scooter charges in an office.

The ping pong table is set up to play a game or function as a conference table.

A quick stop to play Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast.

Adam tries out the StairMaster. When his dad reminds him of his assignment...

...he lets Nathaniel take it for a spin.

Always time for a quick round of air hockey.

That wraps up the visit. They make their way back to the car, but not before grabbing the Soul Calibur strategy guide.

Watch the complete video below.

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