Check Out The doughnut-Incentivized Treadmill Desk Used By BBDO CEO John Osborn

bbdo john osborneBBDO’s John Osborne

Photo: BBDO

BBDO New York CEO John Osborn has one-upped his peers in the “standing desk” trend with this crazy treadmill desk. (The theory — espoused by BI’s own fearless leader — is that sitting all day at a desk is bad for your health, and thus you should stand while you work.)The BBDO source who sent us this photo swears this is a real thing, although judging by Osborn’s pose he isn’t exactly working up a sweat.

The key detail in the photo—click to enlarge—is the chocolate doughnut hanging on a hook in front of Osborn. It was apparently put there by Osborn’s boss, BBDO Worldwide CEO Andrew Robertson, who is another standing desk enthusiast.

Oddly, Ad Age chose to delete the doughnut when it published the photo. We’ve got the unexpurgated version here.

Below, from Obsorn’s Facebook page, is a picture of how things were before the treadmill desk arrived.

bbdo john osborne

Photo: John Osborne / Facebook


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