Check Out The Big Paydays Zynga's Top Executives Are About To Get

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Zynga priced its secondary share offering today at $12, which will let some of its investors cash out of the company.In total, the company’s insiders are offering around $515 million in additional shares.

Bing Gordon, a huge investor in Zynga, is actually not cashing out in this share offering.

We’ve assembled the full list of insiders that are cashing out in this new offering.

Zynga's COO John Schappert gets around $4 million in this offering.

Shares selling: 322,350

Payout: $3,868,200

Zynga chief financial officer Dave Wehner is getting nearly $5 million.

Shares selling: 386,865

Payout: $4,642,380

Zynga's general counsel Reggie Davis also gets around $4 million.

Shares selling: 314,643

Payout: $3,775,716

Owen Van Natta, an early important player at Zynga, is cashing out partially to pick up $6 million.

Shares selling: 505,267

Payout: $6,063,204, Zynga's charity arm, is getting $12 million.

Shares selling: 1,000,000

Payout: $12,000,000

Silicon Valley Community Foundation, another public benefit organisation, is getting around $10 million.

Shares selling: 800,000

Payout: $9,600,000

Reid Hoffman gets $8.3 million in his partial cash-out this time around.

Shares selling: 687,626

Payout: $8,251,512

Union Square Ventures is getting about $63 million from its investment.

Shares selling: 5,225,612

Payout: $62,707,344

Zynga investor SilverLake Partners is selling shares worth about $48 million.

Shares selling: 3,961,802

Payout: $47,541,624

Google is cashing out a small part of its stake worth about $48 million.

Shares selling: 3,961,802

Payout: $47,541,624

Institutional Venture Partners is getting around $70 million from this offering.

Shares selling: 5,835,432

Payout: $70,025,184

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus is getting around $200 million.

Shares selling: 16,500,000

Payout: $198,000,000

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