This Is The Most Useful Facebook App Of All Time

pipe facebook app

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You have to do a lot of digging to find a Facebook app that’s actually useful and not spammy.That’s why we’re in love with Pipe, a way to easily transfer files with your Facebook friends.

The app is limited to Facebook for now, but that’s what makes it so useful. All our friends are already on Facebook.

However, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac apps are in development.

Pipe is so easy to use and fast. We loved using it in our test.

There’s no limit on file size, but we’re by told by Pipe’s developers told that they were able to transfer 700 MB without a problem.

Another cool feature Pipe boasts is that the receiver doesn’t have to have the app installed to receive files. But they do need to be logged in to Facebook chat for the file transfer to take place.

Pipe is still in beta, but you’ll definitely want to give it a try once it’s available to the public. (We’re told that’s happening soon.) We’ve never used a file transfer interface that is this easy.

Keep reading to take a tour of Pipe. You can find the app of Facebook here.

First, allow the app to access your profile. You'll greeted by the welcome screen.

The user you are sending the file to can accept or decline.

Once the file is received you can save it to your desktop. Its super fast. There's no file size limit.

Give the file a name and choose a location.

Here are a few simple settings: if someone is annoying you, block them.

Because you can only receive files when you are logged in and online Facebook chat, if you miss a file transfer Pipe has a handy message window for you.

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