Check Out New York's Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde Kissing In Handcuffs

Photographer Mo Gelber sent out a frantic Facebook message last month asking anyone and everyone to identify a couple he caught smooching while they were in handcuffs outside the Manhattan criminal court building.

Gelber entered the picture, first brought to our attention by The Daily Mail, in a photo contest and had to identify the smitten jailbirds to get them to sign a release form.

Thankfully the woman in the picture came forward and identified herself.

“We knew that we were going to be split up once we got to Central Booking,” Alexis Creque, 28, told the New York Daily News.

She said the couple was arrested after the man was caught writing on the outside wall of the Milk & Honey Lounge.

However, she refused to reveal her boyfriend’s name, who was still “locked up somewhere in Brooklyn” as of Thursday, she said.

Check out the picture that started it all, as posted on Gelber’s Facebook page:

kissing arrested couple

Photo: Mo Gelber/Facebook

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