You Won't Believe How Much LinkedIn's Insiders Will Make When They Cash Out Next Week

LinkedIn Bull

LinkedIn’s insiders are cashing out.

LinkedIn’s 6-month lockout period ends next week on November 21, which means the company’s insiders can sell their shares. Altogether, LinkedIn insiders will sell nearly 6.7 million shares.

The LinkedIn crew will snag more than $500 million. And most of them are only selling around 10 per cent of their shares.

We made that calculation at today’s closing price of $75.17. That could change before the company’s insiders are finally able to make the sale.

LinkedIn also plans to authorise another 1.3 million shares for sale to raise some additional funding.

LinkedIn Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan Arvind Rajan makes $2.2 million

Shares selling: 28,000

Percentage: 10%

Payout: $2.1 million

Vice President Erika Rottenberg picks up a cool $3 million

Shares selling: 39,500

Percentage: 10%

Payout: $3 million

LinkedIn senior vice president of operations and engineering David Henke snags $6 million

Shares selling: 77,000

Percentage: 10%

Payout: $5.8 million

LinkedIn's senior vice president of products and user experience Dipchand Nishar will make $7.4 million

Shares selling: 94,500

Percentage: 10%

Payout: $7.1 million

LinkedIn chief financial officer Steve Sordello nets nearly $8 million

Shares selling: 98,232

Percentage: 10%

Payout: $7.4 million

LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue makes $9.3 million

Shares selling: 118,480

Percentage: 7.5%

Payout: $8.9 million

SAP Ventures' investment by Doug Higgins yields $11.4 million

Shares selling: 145,300

Percentage: 33%

Payout: $10.9 million

LinkedIn chief executive officer Jeff Weiner is getting nearly $30 million

Shares selling: 372,917

Percentage: 10%

Payout: $28 million

Bessemer Ventures Partners' investment by David Cowan gets nearly $40 million

Shares selling: 500,000

Percentage: 10%

Payout: $37.6 million

Greylock Partners' investment by Reid Hoffman and David Sze nets $110 million

Shares selling: 1,404,798

Percentage: 10%

Payout: $105.6 million

LinkedIn executives as a whole split nearly $170 million amongst themselves

Shares selling: 2,151,947

Percentage: 3.7%

Payout: $161.8 million

Bain Capital sells off its entire investment by Jeffrey Glass for nearly $300 million

Shares selling: 3,705,318

Percentage: 100%

Payout: $278.5 million

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