Check Out How Billionaire Tony Fung Explains Why People Would Visit A Casino In Cairns Over Macau

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Gaming billionaire Tony Fung is trying to get approval for a resort and casino in Cairns.

During an interview with the Australian Financial Review, he was asked why people would travel there over the gambling mecca of Macau.

Here’s how he summed it up:

“I think it will be an easy sell for us. You see, if you go to Macau your colleagues think you are a gambler.

“If you go to Singapore they think you are a gambler.

“But if you say you are going to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef then you are still a family man.”

If it goes ahead the cairns resort and casino will cost around $4.2 billion, and be called Aquis.

Fung is the son of the founder of Sun Hung Kai Securities, which is worth $70 billion.

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