Check Out The Apps That Are Re-Imagining How We Interact With The World

Mary Meeker web 2.0

Mary Meeker just gave a huge presentation about the current trends on the Internet at AllThingsD’s D10 conference.

Halfway through the presentation she showed attendees a gigantic list of the way people used to interact with the world — ranging from business meetings to diaries — and how technology has changed them.

It’s basically a compact list of some of the most innovative startups and pieces of technology available to the world right now.

Tablets are taking over the PC and notebook market.

We use cell phones and voice-over-IP instead of traditional phone lines.

The Facebook Timeline has replaced scrapbooks and photo albums.

Evernote is your all-purpose notebook. Throw away that pencil!

Paper is re-inventing the way you produce art — on a tablet.

There are tons of photo apps that are turning everyone into semi-professional photographers. Instagram is at the top of the list.

Path, the app that keeps Facebook up at night, is your new diary.

Pinterest has taken the place of the old scrapbooks you used to make.

Flipboard is replacing typical print magazines — and removing a lot of trash.

The Kindle is the new all-purpose access point for books and text. No more bookshelves.

Spotify is the standard for discovering and listening to new music.

SoundCloud is your go-to for recording and storing sound bites.

Projectors are going away at concerts — it's all about holograms now.

YouTube and Netflix have killed blockbuster and physical movie rental outlets.

Socialcam has replaced your movie recording studio.

Personalities can publish themselves through the web, instead of having to find their way onto television.

You use your iPad to interact with your home entertainment — instead of just interacting super-actively or super-passively.

Television programming is dead. Personal, curated feeds are new standard.

Walkie talkies are also dead. There are plenty of apps for that now.

Traffic reports on the news are also dead. Real-time traffic apps like Waze are taking over.

Bleacher Report and other crowd-sourced sports information sites are replacing traditional sports news outlets.

You now go to sites like One Kings Lane to find new furniture and home improvement goods.

Uber has made on-demand taxi services standard.

Electric cars are doing their part to remove reliance on gasoline.

Yellow pages aren't the place to go for reviews. Yelp is the standard.

Groupon is the new way to find local deals, not coupons.

Food trucks are a surprising new revolution in the food industry. Permanent restaurants are becoming less and less prominent.

Square and tablets are replacing cash registers.

Curated shopping feeds at sites like Fab are removing the need to window shop.

Etsy is the new street marketplace, with hand-made custom art and goods.

Zazzle gives consumers new ways to create personalised design items.

TaskRabbit and Zaarly are the new way to instantly accomplish tasks.

KickStarter is the new way to get projects off the ground, instead of traditional donation strategies.

There's an app for lending money too — and it's taking the place of traditional borrowers.

Salesforce and other companies have new business collaborations suites that are removing the need for physical meetings.

LinkedIn is now the go-to source for hiring — not career fairs.

There's an app for focus groups too — it's called Affectiva.

Now the biggest problem with data is that there's too much of it — and we need efficient ways to sort it all.

DocuSign is replacing the need to write down a physical signature.

You access health care and book appointments through apps like ZocDoc, not referrals.

Learning now includes the use of tablets and interactive apps, not just a classroom.

You engage with devices with your entire body now using the Kinect — not just a controller.

Learning is democratized, too. Lectures for most subjects are available online through sites like Khan Academy.

You're rewarded for your influence with apps like Klout.

Instagram is re-inventing the self-expressive model of cave drawings...

There are new ways to discover crime in your neighbourhood with apps like CrimeMapping.

Traditional thermostats are being replaced by adaptive, learning thermostats like the Nest.

Pets are now tracked with GPS technology — and are less likely to get lost.

Now check out the whole presentation...

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