Check Out Gwyneth Paltrow's Clothing Line That's Only Available In Scandinavia

gwyneth paltrow lindex modern preppy

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It makes perfect sense that Gwyneth Paltrow would licence her name to a clothing line named “Modern Preppy.” The blonde from Manhattan’s Upper East Side, born of acting royalty (mother Blythe Danner, father Bruce Paltrow), is the ne plus ultra of the prep aesthetic.It’s a little weird, though, that Modern Preppy is currently only available in Sweden’s Lindex chain of stores. Lindex has around 400 stores in Scandinavia, including Iceland, the Baltics, and Russia. It’s a fast-fashion outlet, a bit like H&M.

She launched the label this month with a YouTube video and a blog, in Norwegian*:

Når Gwyneth ikke bærer vakre kjoler på den røde løperen, er det striper og “casual chic” som gjelder. Valget om å bruke henne som modell var enkelt ettersom hun nærmest er synonym med den moderne preppystilen.

Well, that’s easy for her to say.

*Correction: This item originally said it was in Swedish until one of our readers caught the error.

Gwyneth's Lindex line keeps it bright and simple.

There's a lot of orange, green and white.

Modern Preppy leans less on pastels than, say, Lilly Pulitzer.

Sweden isn't the warmest place in spring. Or summer.

Here's her video (in English)

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