Vincent McCrudden's Long History Of Abusive Emails

finra complaint mccrudden

Photo: FBI

Vincent McCrudden, an asset manager who threatened to kill 47 SEC, Finra and CFTC members, has acted out in this way before.Prior to the current round of emails for which he’s been arrested, a FINRA complaint from 2010 details McCrudden’s actions from 2003-2009, in which he harrassed and threatened former employers and regulatory officials via email and voicemail.

FINRA explains why're they're increasing sanctions against him for previous misconduct. They found he has done the same thing before. A lot.

FINRA was investigating an unrelated case at McCrudden's former employer, HedgeCap, when they noticed some email exchanges that happened after he was fired, and decided to investigate him.

McCrudden finished work with HedgeCap in 2006. He worked with the firm for a year.

The dispute between HedgeCap and McCrudden began in 2006 and concerned floor brokerage expenses, HedgeCap's error account, his equity in the firm and his commission.

After he gets fired, McCrudden starts sending hate-filled emails to HedgeCap partners and new employees.

McCrudden tells a HedgeCap JV partner that all the HedgeCap execs are corrupt and offensive

The complaint then discusses the various abusive steps taken by McCrudden after he was fired, and explains the various FINRA regulations he's violated

The complaint shows McCrudden's termination notice and clearly shows he was fired and did not leave by choice

McCrudden's threats led his employer to falsify his U5 departure form. FINRA decides to increase fines against McCrudden because they discover this isn't McCrudden's first grave misconduct

It turns out McCrudden executed the same email-threat process back in 2003-4. It began with his old employer, Pali Capital

When Pali fired him and explained that why they fired him would be written on his U5, McCrudden lost it and began the email attacks

And he did the same thing to FINRA too because they investigated his conduct in 03/04. Only this time, he left a voicemail

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