FACEBOOK'S HACKER HEAVEN: This Is What A $100 Billion Company's Office Looks Like

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Photo: Facebook

Facebook is finally going public. It’s going to be worth more than $100 billion.How did it get there?

Well, for starters, it attracted some of the best software engineers in Silicon Valley.

That starts with having a sweet office — and man, does Facebook have a sweet office.

Facebook put a bunch of photos of the office up on their website. You really have to see it for yourself.

Here's the courtyard of Facebook's Menlo Park campus. It's on 1601 Willow Road.

Here's the lobby to the Menlo Park campus.

One of the biggest hotspots on the campus is the cafeteria, Epic Cafe.

The Epic Cafe is the main cafeteria for Facebook employees. They get three free meals a day.

There are two on-site cafeterias for Facebook employees. That's quite a bit fewer than Google, which has more than five.

The food looks delicious. Here's one of the salad bars.

Seriously — it looks like there's a ton of food for employees.

Employees frequently use the cafe as a meeting spot.

There are meeting spaces like this that have murals all over the campus.

The whole office also has a bunch of employee-created decorations, like this one.

You still have to get your work done, though. Each desk has its own personal touch.

Here's another employee desk. It's covered with personal images and photos.

Here's another one of the murals. This one was painted by Jet Martinez, one of the first artists in residence at Facebook.

This mural was created by an outside artist. It's an android (no, not the phone).

This mural was painted by David Choe.

Another perspective of those posters...

There are chalkboard walls around the campus, too. You'll see random pop-up illustrations like this one.

Facebook has help desks for on-site technical support. They're operating all day.

Facebook has an awesome arcade on campus too, where employees can blow off some steam.

It has a bunch of spots where employees can escape to and get some peace and quiet.

Here's another piece of employee artwork. It's a three-dimensional image.

There are touchscreens across campus to help employees find each other and book conference rooms.

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