China's Year Of Executing White Collar Crooks

china daily white collar criminals

We’ve run articles rounding up the top 10 financial criminals.

But what’s striking about the equivalent list published this week on China Daily is that several of their white collar criminals were sentenced to death. These include:

  • Yang Yanming for embezzlement from Galaxy Securities
  • Wu Ying for defrauding investors in Bense Holding Group
  • Li Peiying for embezzlement from Capital Airport Holdings
  • Li Shubiao for embezzlement from Administrative centre for Housing Accumulation Funds of Chenzhoo
  • Chen Tonghai for accepting bribes as chairman of Sinopec

Although these executions show a strong commitment to prosecuting white collar crime, they are also just a drop in the bucket for the country that carries out by far the most executions per year.

Read the full list at China Daily.

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