Here Are All The Gadgets And Apps We'd Be Completely Lost Without

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We are always sharing with you, our loyal readers, the latest in technology and gadget news, so today we decided to put together this list of what gadgets and tools the SAI team swears by.We use these gadgets for both work and play.

The list consists of our computers, tablets, eReaders, favourite apps, favourite desktop software, and more.

Nicholas Carlson, Deputy Editor

Carlson says:

Phone: iPhone 4 -- 'The iPhone is the best gadget in the history of gadgets. The hardware design is art. It will be in the MoMA some day. Also, the apps.'

Work Computer: MacBook Air -- 'It's My work computer. It's so light.'

Home Computer: Mac Mini -- 'I have this hooked to my TV. It's how I rent movies, watch baseball, and the NFL.'

Tablet: iPad 2 -- 'I read the news with it at breakfast in the morning, have it on while I watch TV in the evening, and read in bed with it at night.'

eReaders: Kindle Touch -- 'Great for undistracted reading. Also, it's light and it fits in my pocket.'

Jay Yarow, Senior Editor

Yarow bought:

favourite Gadget Period: Dahon folding bike -- Jay rides it to work everyday. He says the Dahon is more comfortable than a road bike it's easy to store at home.

Phone: Jay uses the iPhone 4 because it does email, maps, music, and everything else.

Tablet: The iPad is the perfect home computer for Jay because he can catch up on Twitter, check Business Insider, and do a lot more.

favourite App: Instacast -- It's an easy way to get all his podcasts updated

Misc: Apple Magic Mouse -- Jay uses the Magic Mouse every day at work. It's the best mouse he's ever used.

Alyson Shontell, Editor, Start Ups

Shontell bought:

Phone: iPhone 4S

favourite App: Shontell is a huge fan of Google Maps because she'd die without the blue blinking dot telling her she made a wrong turn.

Game System: The Wii is her favourite game system because of Zelda and Mario Kart.

Steve Kovach, SAI: Tools Editor

Kovach bought:

Phone: iPhone 4 & Nexus S

Headphones: Motorokr Wireless Headphones (for the gym!)

Computer: MacBook Air 13-inch

Tablet: The New iPad, 16GB Wi-Fi

favourite Apps: Evernote, Dropbox, Tweetbot, Clear

Julie Bort, SAI Enterprise Editor

Bort says:

Phone: 'I use the Android HTC Evo Shift with Android 2.3.4; I liked its smaller size for my smaller hand and the slide out keyboard.'

Computer: 'MacBook Pro. Should point out in my house (my family) we also have a five-year-old Mac desktop, a Windows 7 netbook, a Windows 7 touch tablet (Dell Inspiron Duo).'

In the past, Bort has also converted old Dell laptops into Ubuntu Linux machines. She really does like Windows 7 though and would absolutely have a Windows Ultrabook if she needed a second computer for something, but she doesn't.

Tablet: There is no tablet in the Bort household. Julie says, 'We do not have a tablet here ... with TV, Roku, smartphones, e-reader, computers I haven't found any reason to buy one.'

eReaders: 'I have an older Kindle e-reader. It syncs with my phone. I don't read on my PC and I really like going to libraries and book stores so the older Kindle is good enough. I still read real books 2/3 of the time. The Kindle is nice because I can bump up the type. And the digital ink really is amazing. I can read for hours with no problems from glow or flicker.'

favourite App: Bort's favourite mobile app is Out of Milk, a grocery shopping app. She says, 'As I run out of stuff, I can add it to the list. It also adds things with barcodes and lets you keep multiple lists. Its easy, not too many features, so it does that one thing really well.'

Matt Lynley, SAI Reporter

Lynley bought:

Computers: A MacBook Pro for gaming, loaded with Windows 8. MacBook Air for everything else, because it has a great battery and is pretty speedy.

Phone: iPhone 4S -- because he's still on an unlimited family plan and hasn't seen a need to upgrade outside of the iPhone.

eReaders -- none

Tablet: Galaxy Tab 10.1 (last generation) -- he uses it for movies, web browsing and playing old Nintendo and Super Nintendo video games.

Most useful Apps:

CardMunch -- a business card-scanning that's saved him way too many times to count.

Nike+ -- he runs a lot, and uses Nike+ to quantify his favourite hobby.

Path -- Matt thinks Path is better than Facebook at keeping track of a small circle of friends.

Aim -- AOL's instant messenger app is how he communicates with everyone, and it plugs right into Google Talk.


Adium -- it supports multiple clients like IRC, which he uses to hang out in developer and platform chat rooms.

Spotify -- it's removed the need to download and buy music.

Tweetdeck/Growl -- Lynley has a constant Growl feed that shows every single tweet as a Growl notification on the top-right side of his screen.

Skype -- because it's also useful for instant messaging.

Dylan Love, SAI: Tools Reporter

Dylan bought:

Phone: iPhone 4

Tablet: iPad. for obvious reasons.

Gadget: Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for portable writing on the iPad anywhere he goes.

Headphones: Motorola Bluetooth headphones for walking and talking on the phone, which Dylan does a lot.

Transportation: He rides a Brompton folding bicycle through Prospect Park on his way to work every morning.

Seth Fiegerman, SAI Reporter

Seth bought:

Phone: iPhone 4S

Computer: 13-inch MacBook Air

E-reader/Tablet: Seth used use the Nook colour but now he uses the latest iPad.

Fav apps: Sparrow, Spotify, Echofon and NextStop

Me, Kevin Smith, SAI: Tools Reporter

I use all of these (almost) every day:

Phone: iPhone 4S. But I want a new phone so badly. I'm over the iPhone and it's become boring to me. I like the Samsung Galaxy S III, but because the iPhone is so ubiquitous I'd feel like I was missing out if I didn't have one.

Computer: MacBook Air 11-inch. I want to upgrade to the Retina MacBook Pro, but I have to get rid of this one first. I got the 11-inch because of how portable it is, but I think the screen is a little too small for me. I also have a Mac Mini because I don't have cable in my room so it's nice to watch Netflix and Hulu on.

Headphones: Wireless Beats By Dre. I love them. They're not too big and have no cords. The perfect headphone for me and while they don't have noise cancelation the noise isolation works well enough.

eReaders: Kindle Touch. I love reading on the subway with this thing and it fits right in my back pocket. I can't read books on the iPad because I get distracted too easily and will start searching Google or playing a game.

favourite Apps: SoundCloud, Pandora, Instagram, GroupMe, and Any.Do

Most Useful Apps: Maps, NYC Mate, Streaks, and the Camera

Tablet: The new iPad 4G LTE Verizon, it's easy to see why everyone loves this thing it really is the perfect tablet and I can do ALMOST anything on it. It's also my mobile hotspot.

Owen Thomas, Contributing Editor

Owen bought:

Phone: iPhone 4S

Computer: 13-inch MacBook Air

Tablet: No reader, no tablet. Owen doesn't have any interest in the tablets he's seen.

favourite App: Expensify. Snap a receipt, enter details, toss it.

Software: Turn any Web app into a desktop app so you can switch between tasks smartly.

Marcus Moretti, SAI Summer Intern

Marcus says:

Phone: iPhone -- Marcus uses the iPhone for the same reasons as everyone else (app store, touchscreen, iCloud), and he likes the web browsing. (he just switched from BlackBerry last November... he was a latecomer.)

Computer: MacBook Pro 15 inch -- Marcus got his MBP three years ago for college. He says, 'it's good, still pretty fast. I've been loyal to Macs since I convinced my family to get an iMac in 8th grade.'

eReaders -- None, I prefer paper books.

Tablet -- Don't have one.

Apps -- here are some apps Marcus loves:

- Ride MNR for Metro North train times, it's perfect and automatically downloads the new schedules.

- WhatsApp for talking to people while they or you are on vacation.

- Instapaper for bookmarking things--he uses the app all the time now. It's great because it downloads the articles so you don't have to have an Internet connection to read them (3G can be slow), and it gets rid of the ads.

- SoundHound for recognising songs that are playing.

- Spotify ---- Marcus still needs to try out the new streaming radio, but he thinks he's going to like it.

Software -- Pages. Marcus says, 'I know maybe two other people in the world who use Pages instead of Microsoft Word, but it's user interface is more intuitive, you have better control over your text, and its styles are easier to use. Plus, there's a hack where your documents are automatically saved as .doc instead of .pages (which I don't use, but that might persuade people to use it)'.

Chrome -- Marcus just switched to Chrome and he's never going back. It's faster than Safari and Firefox put together. The extensions are great, e.g. YouTube downloader, which puts a 'download' button below every YouTube video. Login with your Google account and it syncs your bookmarks and history across devices. He insists that you switch now.

Andrea Huspeni, SAI Summer Intern

Phone: Andrea can't live without her iPhone 4S. She loves how easy it is to use and the App Store. She says,

'I'm obsessed with my iPhone. I seriously don't think I can live without it. Apps I constantly use--FB, iTunes, MTA Helper, Urbanspoon, Soebon (card game), Instapaper and sometimes I happen to frequent the RadarOnline app to get my fill of celeb gossip.'

Computer: 13-inch MacBook Pro, Andrea is a recent PC convert. She got the computer as a birthday present and loves the simplicity design.

Tablet: iPad 2, Andrea loves how she can take the tablet everywhere with her. She used to read books on her iPhone but the iPad has made the experience much easier. She's also addicted to the games on it.

favourite App: Plants Versus Zombies. She's played it like 3 times and really wish the makers would come out with an updated version with more levels.

Most Useful App: Maps. She is constantly, constantly getting lost in NYC.

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