Check Out All The Futuristic Gadgets Made By A German Company Apple Might Buy

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Photo: Loewe Product catalogue

Apple is rumoured to be in talks to acquire Loewe, a small German manufacturer of high-end TVs and audio equipment.We tracked down one of the company’s product catalogues, which is packed with well-designed displays, televisions and audio equipment.

Most of the products already feel like they have an Apple-like design.

Most of them also already appear to connect to Apple devices, like the iPad.

Here's the Loewe Mirror. It's a full-length mirror that has some displays on it.

The Loewe Pivot is a full-length display that's supposed to display more information than just a simple monitor.

The Loewe Module emulates a cockpit, so it's good for gaming.

All the products have a very Apple-like quality to them...

...even down to the speakers.

Loewe appears to be obsessed with minimalism, much like Apple.

Here's the remote for Loewe devices. It already looks like it has an iPod Touch built in.

Here's one speaker by Loewe. It looks like it's made of brushed aluminium — and it's gorgeous.

Design is a huge focus for the company — much like Apple.

The televisions and speakers appear to have a uniform size to appear more aesthetically pleasing.

They're all super thin, too. Even the media centre display looks like an Apple device.

Most of the devices already connect to the iPad...

...or the iPod Touch or iPhone.

It's not too surprising — the iPad is one of the most popular tablets in existence.

Here's another design for a Loewe Television. It looks almost like a giant iPad.

You can set up a network of speakers like these throughout your home — and they have kind of the same feel as the MacBook Air.

Even the receiver dock has a clean, industrial look to it.

Here's another speaker concept. It looks like a Jawbone Jambox crashed into a MacBook Pro and made something awesome.

It looks like it's already a tablet-ready speaker — though we're surprised it doesn't use Bluetooth technology.

This speaker, however, does appear to use some kind of wireless technology — and it's also gorgeous.

Here's another speaker dock designed for the iPhone. These speakers appear to come in multiple colour designs — much like the original iMacs.

Here's another TV design — it has a brushed aluminium feel with wood paneling on the sides. The speaker sits on the bottom.

Another TV — this one even looks more like an iPad than the rest.

Here's one without a bezel — it's like a pane of glass.

Most of the devices already appear to connect to Apple devices anyway.

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