Check Out All The Awesomely 80s Wall Street Stuff In 'Trader', The Paul Tudor Jones Documentary

paul tudor jones cell phone 80s Trader

Photo: Vimeo

Today, we stumbled on a gold mine. Some wonderful person uploaded a copy of ‘Trader’, the vintage documentary on legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones onto Vimeo.Jones hated the piece so much, that he had PBS take it off the air shortly after it was made in 1987. Copies of the movie are hard to find, but every now and then — on extra special days like today — we realise that it’s somewhere on the internet for us to watch (h/t Value Walk).

And yes, it’s chock full of wisdom from PTJ, which you will love. If you’re like us, though, you’ll also love just looking at all the awesomely 80s Wall Street accessories, clothes… you name it, that you’ll see through the movie.

Bottom line: We’ve all seen PTJ’s retro round glasses, but have you seen his ski outfit?

You really should.

Wayfarers. We think they're back with a vengeance, but there are definitely people who would argue with us about that.

This computer is so 80s.

No one skis in this stuff anymore.

Look at this and hold on to your Blackberry/iPhone for dear life.

Suspenders. You have to have worked on Wall Street in the 80s to wear these legally, we think.

Pit traders and their haircuts. This looks like a modified mullet.

Check out this work out.

PTJ's lucky sneakers.

A mock turtleneck

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