AMERICA'S MOST EXPENSIVE TOWN: Buy A Trailer For $600k In Aspen


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The average home in ski paradise, Aspen, Colo. costs $6 million, according to the WSJ.Anyone looking to buy a house for under a million faces a short list of small properties. We gathered some of the cheapest single family homes in Aspen from

The cheapest? $559,000. It has two bedrooms and is located in a trailer park.

$559,000—2 bedrooms in a trailer park

$570,000—one bedroom, 550 square feet

$565,000—636 square foot apartment

$639,000—540 square feet, two bedrooms

$715,000—one bedroom apartment

$715,000—two bedrooms, 589 square feet

$725,000—555 square feet, two bedrooms

$749,000—two bedroom apartment unit

$799,000—5 bedrooms, in a trailer park

$800,000—three bedrooms, 686 square feet

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