4 Tricks To Transform Your Kitchen For Under $US500

According to the website Remodeling, the average “minor” kitchen renovation will set you back over $US18,000.

But over at Apartment Therapy, readers are renovating their kitchens for as little as $US500 — and some for even less than that.

Sure, they might not include brand new appliances and imported marble countertops, but a quick look at the pictures below shows how far a little cash can go. Check out four of their newly revamped kitchens for tips on how to give your own a budget-friendly upgrade.

1. Switch up your countertops with cheap rolls of vinyl.

Gem from the blog Blackbird turned around her rental apartment’s kitchen in Auckland, New Zealand, with some leftover paint, second-hand drawer handles, and rolls of vinyl she bought for only $US3 each to cover the dark counters. Less than $US50 later, here’s the difference it makes:

2. A simple coat of paint can rejuvenate old cabinets.

Kerri of Australian blog Driftwood Interiors explained to Apartment Therapy that the bulk of her renovation’s bill — which was under $US500 — went to new cabinet hardware, but that her most expensive upgrade wasn’t the one that made the most impact. “Most of my friends thought I’d replaced the kitchen, or at least all of the doors,” she told the site. “They didn’t believe they were the same ones, just painted white.”

3. Use white to open up small spaces.

Architectural designer Teddy of Theodore Robert upgraded the New York City kitchen below in only a day, for $US300. He went with a nearly monochromatic white colour scheme to reflect light and minimize visual clutter. “In small spaces I tend to gravitate towards clean lines and less visual noise,” he told Apartment Therapy. “You don’t want to overwhelm a kitchen with too many colours.”

4. Clean up the details to brighten the whole room.

It’s hard to put your finger on the improvements Cathy from Santa Rosa, California, made in her kitchen, but we’ll give you a hint: Look at the floor. By dying the grout between her tiles white, repainting her cabinets, and swapping her drawer pulls and hinges for new ones, Cathy gave her kitchen a quick refresh for only $US276.

You can see more kitchen renovation ideas — for every budget — at Apartment Therapy.

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