QUIZ: Can You Tell Which Item Is Super Expensive?

pink jeans

The Internet makes comparison shopping all too easy. Type “red shoe” into any search engine, and an endless array of options ranging from $12 to $2,000 in price pops up.

So what’s the difference between a $2,500 dress and a $100 one? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.

Here’s a quiz. Can you tell which item is more expensive?

One of these table lamps is a $2,010 Ralph Lauren, while the other can be purchased online for $59.

ANSWER: The lamp on the left will break the bank, while the one on the right can be purchased inexpensively from Amazon.

One pair of red suede booties is made in Italy and rings in at over $1,000, the other could be purchased with your lunch money for the week.

ANSWER: The shoes on the left are $1,150 at Nordstrom, while the shoes on the right can be purchased online for $39.97.

These throw pillows appear similar but there's actually a $250 difference in price. Which would take up most of your design budget?

ANSWER: The pillow on the left is a healthy $39.95, while the one on the right will cost you $280 at Nordstrom.

One of these pink bandage dresses is more than $2,000, while the other is under $100.

ANSWER: The dress on the left is a $2,250 Herve Leger. The dress on the right is found online for $99.

One swivel arm chair is about $100, the other will set you back more than $2,000.

ANSWER: The chair on the left is an inexpensive $109, while the one on the right is $2,020.

One of these raspberry hobos is a $2,295 Jimmy Choo available for preorder at Saks. The other is a Steve Madden and only $63. Can you guess?

ANSWER: The purse on the left is budget-friendly, while the one on the right is meant for a celebrity budget.

These two pairs of hot pink skinny jeans might appear similar, but one costs $15 and the other is $300.

ANSWER: The jeans on the left are found at Delia's for $14.99. The ones on the right are Alexander McQueen and $320.

These booties for infants look similar, but one pair is $150, while the other is a more inexpensive $15.

ANSWER: The booties on the left are Dolce & Gabbana baby and cost $150. The handmade ones on the right cost $15 from Etsy.

How much is too much for pajama-wear? One of these sweatshirts costs $200. The other one is $40.

ANSWER: The sweatshirt on the left is $195, while the nearly identical one on the right is more budget-friendly.

One of these vases will cost you a cool $1,550. The other one is a more friendly $22.

ANSWER: The vase on the left is only $22, while the one on the right is an expensive $1,550.

You've seen the difference between cheap and expensive items...

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