A range of cheap spirits has been recalled due to 'chemical contamination'

The alcohol brands recalled due to chemical contamination.

A national recall has been issued for eight spirits supplied by a wholesaler recently under a cloud for potentially selling fake tequila.

GJ Wholesale has recalled GJ Wholesale Alcohol Products from retail liquor stores in NSW, QLD and ACT, due to potential chemical contamination. The NSW Food Authority says the chemical “may cause injury if consumed”.

The cheap spirits come in 700ml bottles in the following brands: Verushka Vodka, Mississippi Bourbon, Los Cabos Tequila, Yachtsman White Rum, Mudgee Rum, Barman’s Choice Whiskey, Hunter Brandy and Her Choice Gin.

Authorities say anyone concerned about their health should seek medical advice.

Sydney-based GJ Wholesale was one of a number of companies featured in an investigation by the ABC in June into spirits brands that potentially not comply with international labelling laws.

Tequila can only come from Mexico, while the Los Cabos tequila sold by GJ Wholesale is labelled a “Product of Australia”.

Mexican authorities could find no record of the brand on their database.

The NSW Food Authority began an investigation into the spirits brands cited following the ABC investigation.

A spokesperson for the company told the ABC they “just buy it from a wholesaler” and are not responsible for its origin.

Anyone with a bottle of the brands recalled above should not drink it and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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