It's True: Apple Is Making A Cheap iPhone Right Now In China

foxconn iphone

We’ve heard rumours of Apple working on a cheaper version of its iPhone for a while now

But now we know for sure that it’s coming, according to a new report by China labour Watch.  

In fact, Apple is forcing its workers in its Pegatron factories in Shanghai to work an insane amount of hours for little pay to produce the cheaper version of the iPhone.

Pegatron Shanghai is Apple’s second largest supplier in China. It’s also primarily responsible for making the iPhone, as well as the cheaper version of the iPhone. 

Production of the cheap iPhone, which is expected to be released this year, is forcing 

Over the weekend, a bunch of people were passing around a photo of plastic iPhone boxes with an “iPhone 5C” logo on them.

It originally appeared on WeiPhone, a Chinese site that lets people upload photos of gadget leaks. 

People speculated that the iPhone 5C is what Apple will use for its cheaper, plastic iPhone. Apple is expected to release its budget-friendly smartphone sometime this fall. 

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