20 fun gifts under $20 to please almost anyone in your office

Ideally, you’d draw a name for your office White Elephant, Secret Santa, or Secret Snowflake gift exchange, and, after painstaking research, find the perfect purple, ergonomic pen for Cathy from accounting who loves bright colours. It only costs you $6, and everyone is impressed by your thoughtfulness and diligence.

The reality is probably different.

If you draw a recipient, you might not know them well … or at all. Maybe you can’t find anyone to tell you anything about them other than “He leaves at 6:02 to catch his train home.” Maybe you’re doing a White Elephant exchange, where anyone could end up with your gift in hand.

No matter your situation, we’ve rounded up 20 fun, festive — or at least useful — presents you can contribute. And they’re all $20 or less.

Keep commuter pockets toasty with hand warmers.


If you live and work in the Northeast or Midwest, there's no such thing as too many ways to get warm in the winter.

Price: $3.99

Know immediately who left their notebook in the conference room.

Because it's bound to happen.

Check it out in red, aqua, yellow, white, and gold, too.

Price: $11

Provide festive footwear with classic Fair Isle socks.

Everyone can find a use for festive socks ... even if it's just a re-gift to their uncle.

Price: $8

Help their dishes stand out in the cabinet with a wintry fauna mug.

Stop disagreements about whose cup is whose.

Price: $9

Share files over lunch with a pizza flash drive.


If you aren't into pizza, there's also sushi, chocolate, and hamburgers, among other snacks.

Price: $9.33

Keep fingers from freezing on the way to work with touch-screen gloves.


They're a safe (festive) bet.

Price: $9.90

Make the trip to the parking lot more pleasant this January with a compact umbrella.


The next time it starts raining at 5:55 p.m. and they forgot their umbrella, they will be happy to have one in the drawer.

Price: $9.90

Make startup founders smile with 'seed money.'

Uncommon Goods

These 'coins' are actually little packets of actual seeds that grow into flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Get it?

Price: $12.50

Perk up the office holiday party with a flannel flask.

Not that we endorse spiking anyone's punch.

Price: $12.50

Give every cord a home with a power cube.


Everyone needs an extra outlet ... or five.

Price: $12.99

Save the day with a merry iPhone charger.


Where there are iPhones, there are people desperately seeking an iPhone charger before their phone reaches 5% battery.

Price: $14.99

Add some zing to holiday brunch with spicy maple syrup.

Put a twist on the classic winter pancake-topper.

Price: $15

Help your coworker stay organised with a staple-free stapler.

Uncommon Goods

With their own staple-free stapler, your coworker will always be able to find one, and never have to refill it. Or share.

Price: $16

Secure a snack to share with bacon beer brittle.


Your desk neighbour gets a savoury snack, and you (hopefully) get to try some. Win-win.

Price: $16

Satisfy a coworker's sweet tooth with chocolate mice.

Chocolate is usually a safe go-to, and ears and a tail make it a little more fun.

Price: $16.95

Temper a stressful environment with a Bonsai tree kit.


Know someone who could use a calming influence? At the very least, a Bonsai tree in the sales department is a conversation-starter.

Price: $16.99

Add some zest to movie night with spiced popcorn.

Some might advise against gifting your cubicle neighbour a crunchy snack, but hey -- it's the season of giving.

Price: $17

Give mornings a jolt with coffee cubes.

Uncommon Goods

Eventually, they will get tired of the office coffee.

Price: $17.99

Add a little green to their cubicle with a hanging air plant.

Almost no care required.

Price: $18

Help not-quite-morning people express their feelings with a 'go away' coffee cup.


The rest of the customer service department will get the message.

Price: $19.82

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