Flying is going to be super cheap this fall

Aeroplane 06photo/ShutterstockOctober is the best time to book a flight.

Instead of crying over the fact that summer is creeping towards a close, book your next trip and have something to look forward to.

And great news: flying is supposed to be extra cheap this fall.

According to Hopper, an airfare prediction app, airfare is projected to drop 8.2% in the next few months, making an autumn escape extra attainable.

As peak summer has passed, airfare is already steadily declining. Hopper estimates that it will reach an autumn low of $203 for an average round trip in October, and that prices will continue to stay low through November. This is partly thanks to fuel prices hitting a historical low.

Even better, while October might be the ideal time to book a cheap flight, that doesn’t mean your trip needs to take place that month. You can use this price dip to book holiday flights, or even a winter getaway.

While Hopper predicts a slight rise during the holiday months, prices are likely to dip even further in January 2017.

So it’s time to make peace with summer slipping away, and start thinking ahead: winter (and the holidays) is coming.

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